See a Variety of Restored Aircraft at the Illinois Avaiation Museum

Take a journey through aviation history. ©

This summer, take a day trip and explore all there is to see around our luxury apartments near the Illinois Aviation Museum. There are many wonderful places to explore. If you want a unique experience, be sure and check out the variety of restored aircraft at the Illinois Aviation Museum. Located in nearby Boilingbrook, the Illinois Aviation Museum is a … [Read more...]

Hike the Trails at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve

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Now is an excellent time to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather by exploring the great outdoors. Our luxury apartments in Naperville near nature preserves put you in close proximity to a number of great outdoor activities. Get outside and hike the trails at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve this season. Springbrook Prairie Forest … [Read more...]

Get More Out of a Short Workout in Our Fitness Center

Get the most out of a short workout at our fitness center. ©

While exercising is amazing for your body and spirit, there are always ways to make the experience better. There are plenty of ways to improve your workout at our luxury apartments in Naperville with a fitness center. Here are some tips on getting more out of a quick workout. Remove any distractions. It can be hard for us to work out when we are … [Read more...]

Tips for Finding a Roommate With Whom You Can Live Happily

Use these tips to help you find a great roommate for your apartment. ©

Living with a roommate can be a great way to save money and have good company. There are many things to keep in mind when picking your roommate  at our two-bedroom apartments in Naperville. Here are tips on how to find the perfect roommate. Go with your gut. When you are meeting people to live with, trust your instincts. If someone seems a bit shady, it … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment With Old Knobs

Check out these awesome ways to use old door knobs to decorate your apartment. Source: Houzz

Finding new life for old items is a great way to live green and create some cool stuff for your apartment. There are lots of helpful apartment decorating tips that you can use at our luxury apartment homes in Naperville. Here are some ways you can decorate your apartment with old knobs. You can use old knobs from dressers and desks to create fun lids for … [Read more...]