Heal Dry Winter Skin at the Zano Salon in Naperville

Heal Dry Winter Skin at the Zano Salon in Naperville

Winter's dry, and cold weather is really hard on your skin. This is a big problem that can be solved by checking out a salon in Naperville that can help. You can fix your dry winter skin problems at Zano Salon in Naperville. Enjoy the body and skin services offered at this salon that will make your skin healthy. Start by getting your skin … [Read more...]

Work Longer in Our Naperville Business Center with Better Posture


Many people spend hours at a desk on computers. There's a right way to sit at that desk for optimum performance and productivity. Sometimes working from home doesn't allow you to get much done if you have little ones. If that is your situation, you might want to find our apartments in Naperville with business center so you can get some work done … [Read more...]

Sip on Local Brews at Naperville’s Winter Ale Fest

Sip on Local Brews at Naperville's Winter Ale Fest

Perhaps you're a big fan of craft brews, or you're just discovering the wonderful world of craft beer. Festivals in Naperville, like the Naperville Winter Ale Fest, provide the perfect opportunity to sample local brews and beer from around the country. This festival will take place on February 28th from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. It will be held at … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your Naperville Carpets from Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Naperville Carpets from Winter Weather

Every day, you walk in your apartments and admire your carpet, then winter hits. You suddenly start noticing that your carpets look dingy. Here are some apartment cleaning tips you can use to help maintain your floors and keep them from the adverse effects of winter weather. The first step is prevention. Get some good mats for your entrance way so … [Read more...]

See “October Mourning” on Stage at North Central College

See October Mourning on Stage at North Central College

If you live in apartments near North Central College, here's an event for you. Leslea Newman took the tragic story of the murder of Matthew Shepherd and used it to write a novel. Introducing October Mourning Carin Silkatis has taken A Song for Mathew Shepherd and adapted it into a play called October Mourning with the help of students. Voice … [Read more...]