Prepare for the Real Costs of Pet Ownership for a Happier First Year With Your Pet

Owning a pet is great, but make sure you know how about all the costs involved.  ©

Having a pet can be wonderful, but it can also have a bit of a financial impact on our lives. There are many things to consider before you bring your first pet home to our pet-friendly apartments in Naperville. Here are a few ways to prepare for the real cost of pet ownership. Having a dog can add up, and there are plenty of financial obligations that … [Read more...]

Trying to Improve Muscle Mass in Our Fitness Center? Try These Tips

If you want to build muscle, try these tips in our fitness center. ©

Many of those with a workout routine put a lot of effort into building muscle mass. If you're trying to bulk up at our community fitness center at The Ponds of Naperville, the following three tips might prove useful: Take in more calories and protein- One of the first steps to bulking up is taking in more protein. You'll also want to increase your … [Read more...]

Spend a Day at Centennial Beach for an Incredible Swimming Experience

Centennial Beach is the place to be in Naperville this summer. ©

Residents of The Ponds of Naperville who enjoy swimming during the summer months should head to Centennial Beach to cool off amid the hot summer weather. Centennial Beach offers swimming opportunities amid the historic stone quarry that's located in Naperville. This area attraction offers a highly exciting swimming activity that has been entertaining area … [Read more...]

3 Silly Games to Try in the Community Pool

For an extra fun summer at the pool, try playing these games. ©

The community pool at The Ponds of Naperville is a great place to keep the kids entertained during the summer months. Looking for a fun game to play at the pool that the kids will love? Consider the following ideas: Whirlygig- This game is not only great fun, but great exercise as well. It involves creating a sort of a whirlpool and floating into the … [Read more...]

Your Dog Will Behave Better With Plenty of Exercise

Exercising your dog will have him perfectly behaved. ©

You might notice that your dog's behavior tends to worsen during periods when there haven't been enough opportunities to get exercise. Residents at The Ponds of Naperville who are living with an animal companion can make sure that their pets are getting enough exercise with the following tips: Make it a social event- Do you have friends and family … [Read more...]