3 Things to Do on the Naperville Riverwalk

3 Things to Do on the Naperville Riverwalk

Your apartments near the Naperville Riverwalk make going outside convenient. All you have to do is figure out what to do once you get to the Riverwalk. Here are three options. Attend the annual Tulip Bulb Sale in May. This event is a terrific place to find beautiful perennial flowers for your home and spend some time outdoors. Take some of your free … [Read more...]

How to Clean Pet Hair in Your Naperville Apartment

How To Remove Pet Hair Everywhere From Furniture Floors and More

There's no reason to pass on getting a dog that sheds if you know how to efficiently clean up dog hair. With these tips cleaning up after your dog in our pet-friendly apartments in Naperville will be a snap. Put on Rubber Gloves: Simply put rubber gloves on your hands and dampen them. Dog hair will stick the gloves and you can simply run your … [Read more...]

Take a Tour of Our Carillon Floor Plan in Naperville

The Ponds of Naperville

If you're looking for two-bedroom apartments in Naperville, look no further. At our resort-like community we have two two-bedroom floor plans available, but for the best in space and comfort we suggest you look at our Carillon floor plan. Carillion offers 1,100 square feet of space with two bedrooms, one small bathroom, main bathroom, kitchen, and … [Read more...]

Spring Clean Your Floors with the Carpet Cleaners at 1-Stop

1-Stop:Carpet Cleaning

Although our apartments offer numerous amenities, nothing rivals the luxury of a meticulously clean home. A wide expanse of soft carpeting invites family and friends to relax and enjoy the environment. Carpeting is not always easy to maintain, but our apartments in Naperville with 1-Stop services offer the perfect solution. Simply log onto the … [Read more...]

Get the Perfect Fit at These Tailoring Shops in Naperville

Tailoring by Monica

When you're giving your wardrobe a thorough inspection as part of your spring cleaning chores at our luxury Naperville apartments, you might be tempted to toss out those clothes that are slightly damaged or don't fit perfectly anymore. Instead of handing them down, donating them, or throwing them out, you can recapture that perfect fit when you take … [Read more...]